The brand vision of iRobot is to create an ecosystem of robots to help enhance customer comfort, convenience and security – taking care of your home, inside and out.

These robots are rewriting the rules on vacuuming and mopping – awesome alone and even better together. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping is taken care of without the need to push, carry or hold these robotic cleaners; a gamechanger for a society becoming more tech savvy by the day!


iRobot were seeking to understand all aspects of their customer’s home and lifestyle situation, mapping the purchase journey including needs, wants, considerations and preferences.

By segmenting the Australian floor cleaning market and gaining an insight into their cleaning habits and perceptions of robotic floor cleaners, THINK was able to identify key brand and product motivators. This allowed us to drive actionable insights to ensure iRobot appeal to their target market.


Mapping the floor cleaning journey; Gap analysis in existing research; Market sizing: Segmentation; Value personas; Segment opportunity; Product alignment; Product design: Australian house and lifestyle profiling: Technology adaption and uptake


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