Andrew Gardiner’s Big Message to Retailers • THINK Global Research

“It’s not just about price, it’s about uniqueness”.

If there’s anyone who knows about retail, it’s the man maintaining double-digit growth in retail at Melbourne Airport.

The same man who lead the planning and development of the customer-driven luxury precinct at Terminal 2. This someone who clearly knows his customer.

Andrew Gardiner talks about the new and unique element as things that help guarantee retailer success.

Constant change makes it worth customers’ attention because customers want new products.

So how can we achieve this?

Ask the questions, “What can we deliver that is new? What can we deliver that is exciting, unique?”

Replicating the same feeling that shopping might – always offering something different, doesn’t have to be the same old things.

The point of differentiation that retailers must understand is that customers will buy products that resonate with them – uniqueness is key.