The Real Value in Knowing Your Customer Segments • THINK Global Research

Think you know your customer? Think again.

CEO and founder of Brindle Marketing, Leah Grinter, is the brains behind Thirsty Camel’s “Hump Club” (among other things). Thirsty Camel’s success is driven by customer-led innovation based on real customer insights around wants, needs, motivations and aspirations.

The key takeaway: You don’t know your customer as well as you think you do.

Not all customers are created equal. Some spend different amounts, for different reasons, on different occasions. For that reason, some customer segments are more valuable to your business than others. The only way to discover this? Popping the hood and taking a hard look inside – in research land, we call this Customer Segmentation.

Hear what industry pro, Leah Grinter, has to say about using market research – specifically segmentation, to identify and understand valuable customers in order to maximise opportunity for her clients.