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Have you ever imagined changing or adding a new core to your business due to a pandemic?

2020 has been a year of disruption and change, businesses must adapt and renew their services because of the coronavirus outbreak.

We have seen clothing manufactures start producing masks or one-piece overalls, where the style and design are the innovating factor. Or schools and universities migrating their traditional classes to online rooms, to keep providing quality education to the students.

The alcohol industry has not been the exception, reporting losses of up to 70 per cent in April, including beer, wine, spirits and local distillers. This is when Four Pillars distillery (named the world’s best gin producer in 2019) started making hand sanitiser and alcohol for sanitation, adapting the business to the current situation.

Based on data obtained by the Herald Sun, Four Pillars was one of 131 distillers which changed to hand sanitiser during the pandemic, ensuring adequate production and permits within 2 days. Also, the data showed that from March to May, there was a production of 28 million litres of alcohol for non-drinking purposes, compared to 7 million litres in November to January.

All industries around the world have been impacted by this pandemic, the difference is centred in how we diversified our portfolio of products or services to evolve and adapt to the new “normal” life.

So where should you start if you want to diversify your brand?

Understanding how your customers are changing due to psychosocial factors can help shape your brand and marketing strategy. Moreover, mapping the customer journey helps identify pain points in their current journey and how you can turn pain into gain with refined or new products/services. Customer insights shape the strategy to identify what are those critical parts of the journey that your brand needs to influence.


Written by:

Tatiana Davila – Research Associate