THINK Global Research has done research for a couple of Australia’s major airports. We therefore interview lots of travellers that often elaborately share stories of their amazing travel experiences and adventures.

The authentic travel experience

Whilst travel used to be a time of relaxation and pampering, holidays are now all about emerging oneself in a different society. More and more don’t want an escape, they want authentic travel experiences where they get to understand local cultures and traditions, getting a true insider perspective on their travel destinations.

Alongside the traditional tourist attractions, I too like to discover cities and places by following the advice of locals that know their city inside out. However, these places are often nowhere to be found on the maps provided by tourism and visitor information centres.

A map like no other

I recently came across these beautifully illustrated maps from ‘They Draw & Travel’, a community based website created by a brother and sister illustration duothat encourages creative minds from around the world to design and submit maps that highlight the unique spots of their hometowns and favourite travel destinations.

Each map is exclusive, created by either a professional illustrator or a passionate doodler that wants to share his love of a city, street, museum etc. with other wanderlusters, capturing hidden gems and activities that are local favourites.

Though they perhaps aren’t the most informative maps, they certainly are fun to read and are a very refreshing way to look at travelling. The innovative and creative images are a true motivation to go explore new places or book that dream trip that has eagerly been waiting to be scraped off that bucket list.

Have a look at these colourful maps, let them inspire you like they’ve inspired me, to go explore the charming neighbourhoods in Rome in search of the best pizza, wander around in concrete jungle New York for delicious coffee with bagels or jump in a tuktuk to discover and count all the Buddha’s in Bangkok.  Start observing your next destinations through different eyes, and once you’re back home share your own stories and explorations with others and let your colourful map lead their way!

Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand | Image Credit – Pewara Nicropithak – They Draw & Travel

The Daily Telegraph: an illustrated map of Australia | Image Credit – Nate Padavick – They Draw & Travel

PS. If you like to cook, check out their sister site: They Draw & Cook for some amazingly tasty and creative recipes

Written by Rose Visser – Research Consultant, THINK Global Research

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