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Monitoring travel boom and forecasting future trends

Travel is no longer a luxury and is becoming a part of everyday life. It is gaining momentum as we speak. With 8 million people flying each day, there will certainly be an influx of more air passengers in the coming years. Approximately 65 billion passengers will fly in the next 15 years. With an increase of youth travellers, business travellers and Asian travellers around the world and technology overpowering the barriers to travel, airports are preparing themselves for ever-increasing number of travellers.

The face of travel is changing and so should the airports. Augmented concepts are coming to reality from google glasses, geotagging, virtual airport assistants to sci-fi ambience and infrastructure.

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Futuristic airport planning and design is heavily guided by prediction of passenger numbers in the next 15 -20 years. With such rich information at hand, airports are now creating a sense of place catering to escalating visitor groups.

In the next 20 years there will be more than twice as many passengers as today. Numerous researches are conducted around forecasting tourism and air passengers. As per recent forecasting by IATA, the five fastest–increasing markets in terms of additional passengers per year will be China, the US, India, Indonesia and Brazil. The key predictors of future air passenger’s trends are population, living standards, demographics, price and availability of air travel. Offering a more tailored visitor experience is sure to be on top of the airport’s list.

By Khushboo Pandey – Senior Research Consultant

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