“Having the THINK Global Research team undertake a series of in-depth interviews and focus groups with our members provided Breast Cancer Network Australia the information required to move forward and launch the My Journey online tool. The online tool transforms our flagship printed resources into a fully digital interactive format that enables Australians diagnosed with breast cancer to easily navigate information tailored to their individual needs and provides health professionals a reliable and credible information resource they can provide to their patients at the time of diagnosis.”

KIRSTEN PILATTICEO, Breast Cancer Australia
The My Journey Kit is now an online high-quality, evidence-based tool offering information and insights to health professionals and those diagnosed with breast cancer.

The content transformation from print to online, discussing the context and relevance information delivered at the right time in the right tone. Providing and content hierarchy enable users to find the information they needed at a time that was highly personal and relevant. By testing the look and feel of the tool, allowed BCNA to test the navigation to ensure the optional user experience.


Market Segmentation, Journey Mapping; Focus Groups, Complete Customer Experience (Likes & Dislikes), Insights Analysis & Reporting, Strategy Workshop, Data Validation; Co-Creation, Go-to-Market Strategy, Brand Health, Opportunities.


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