Our Approach

We provide a unique approach to the way we do business, by collaborating with our clients and integrating the results back into the business. We do this by taking a creative and consultative approach, working with your numerous internal and external stakeholders on your behalf to strategize the findings for brand, marketing and communications.


THINK will do the hard work for you by delivering insights that make impact to your business, not just charts and results.


THINK provide strategic insights because we understand the importance of ROI. THINK’s strategy divisions implement the research with clear goals on what to action, benchmarking and monitor these organisational changes.


We don’t just handover a PowerPoint report THINK’s format is interactive and engaging goes beyond just another presentation.


THINK understands the power of combining both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in our research design, providing the seamless integration of the two techniques in design and reporting.


THINK understands the need for results quickly and offer a range of platforms to ensure the findings are current and applicable.


THINK build the approach to fit with your unique business needs and objectives – not a one size fits all approach.

Meet The Thinkers

THINK’s team are highly experienced in what they do, leading the way to bring market research in line with the digital age. Outstanding results are achieved through close collaboration and consultation between the client and the THINK team.

Our research specialists come from a diverse range of backgrounds including Behavioural Scientist, Psychologists, Business Analysts, Engineering & Food Researchers, and Communication experts.

Let’s think together.

The Think Story

A trained behaviourist, Kristy leads the way in this new customer-centric insight economy, helping businesses move strategic documents out of the boardroom, to be shaped by the customer resulting in tangible, actionable outcomes.

Research is a big investment. How do you get it right?

Let’s discuss the THINK story with Kristy to understand our 15 years of success.


Get to know what the buzz word “customer-centricity” really is

People didn’t know what customer centricity was back in 2008, it was a hard sell. Even now, can you tell me what customer centricity means to you and how you use it to drive day to day operations? I’ll explain… It’s simple. The customer defines you, creates your problems and provides the solution. Please stop making it up! If you’re defining your business strategy with an executive team and not your customer, you are getting it wrong. Start with the customer and end with the customer.


Connect the (strategic) dots; connect the people

The first thing I ask a client when kicking off a project: “Can I see the business strategy?” I am often greeted with “not sure if we have one”. On receipt, I then ask all facets of the business (from exec, marketing, operations) to explain how they demonstrate the brand pillars day to day. If all people in different divisions of the business can’t articulate what the strategic pillars mean to them, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.


No longer the ugly cousin, research is the “new black”

I love walking into the room and hitting the business with “aha” It’s been a big part of our success. I remember a key client in my early days saying, “if you show me another friggen chart I’m going to fall asleep!”. Weave the story, hit with impact and tell clients what to do with research. Outline the 5 game changers and collaborate with your client on its feasibility, rather than piling on chart after chart.


Be authentic, but you need to adapt with your clients and the market

The same old black box ripped off proposal and lack of intimacy had seen the rise of THINK. We build from the ground up every time and work with our clientst to use the research in a tangible way.


In a crazy numbers world, it’s easy to forget we are dealing with people

Put your customer at the centre of every decision you make. It’s actually fool-proof, but often forgotten when dealing with data.


What do we actually do? I can’t tell you.

Reflecting on our 15 years in business, I struggle with cramming what we do at THINK into a flashy and succinct elevator pitch. My conclusion is, we don’t have one because we never do the same thing twice. We work in a constantly changing environment based on the varying needs of our clients, using science to harness the voice of the customer and deliver actionable commercial outcomes.  THINK’s measure of success comes from the fact that we still work with the very first client we started with 15 years ago.

Let’s think together.

Our Facilities

THINK’s facilities and qualitative approaches are anything but clinical, with the newly refurbished space designed to foster creativity.

THINK utilises engaging techniques that inspire and create ideas not just conversation.

World-class facilities for focus groups, ideation sessions and workshops with client viewing and recording.


Qualitative research is as much of an art as it is science. At THINK, we are determined to build the ideal environment to uncover customer insights, and our modern facilities were designed with the participants at heart.

We believe the level of comfort and ease directly correlates with the insights that are generated during discussions. The layout of our facilities creates a collaborative and creative environment for our participants, with non-intrusive HD cameras set up around the room to assist observers.

Our modern facilities can accommodate face-to-face interviews, further fleshing out qualitative insights to suit your needs. The comfort of our interviewees will be our utmost priority, we want discussions and feedback to be as honest and as insightful as possible.

THINK embraces new technology to improve the engagement and quality of our workshop and ideation sessions.


Our spacious observation room can accommodate up to 15 people. The viewing environment is designed to allow focus room observers to relax, be comfortable and enjoy the special occasion. We strive to accommodate all our clients viewing needs: comfortable furniture, high-quality audio system, high definition TV and of course, gourmet catering! Furthermore, you will have an option to have commissioned face-to-face interviews recorded on video or audio to further assist with business problems in the future.

THINK thumb thoughts uses interactive technology that allows for real time opinion polls of individual preferences, allowing unbiased recording before group discussions with instant reporting to the client viewing room.


Our modern facilities accommodate for in-house digital usability testing, allowing you to watch consumers navigate through your website. In-house digital testing will allow you to gather quantitative data that will be supplemented with qualitative data.

THINK’s digital testing facilities allow respondents to plug in their own laptops/ devices to recreate a natural testing environment. Clients can view the moderation live, while also viewing the respondents click throughs displayed on the screen in the client viewing room.

Let’s think together.

Career Opportunities

We are looking for people who are passionate about data, presenting insights and ready to launch their career. These roles are for those who sees research as a creative process and can spot interesting trends that may make a big impact for our clients’ objectives.

Graduate Position: Market Research Consultant - CLOSED
Account Manager Position - CLOSED
Graduate Position: Market Research Consultant - CLOSED
Graduate Position: Market Research Consultant - CLOSED
Graduate Position: Market Research Consultant - CLOSED
Intern Position: Market Research Consultant - CLOSED
Graduate Position: Market Research Consultant - CLOSED
Intern Position: Market Research Consultant - CLOSED
Internship Position: Recruitment and Research Coordinator - CLOSED
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