Evoking strong emotions and memories, standing by the fire is a favourite Australian pastime and forms a major part of the Australian psyche.

AMES Australia stocks several brands within Bunnings, with Glow indoor/outdoor fire products and accessories being a key part of this portfolio.


Together with Glow, THINK mapped what a typical Australian backyard looks like today, to capture and transform these emotions and memories into brand experiences. By doing so, THINK identified what emotions and experiences being around a fire provokes and what are the key occasions that drive this behaviour.

By providing clear direction of the ‘modern’ and ‘traditional’ Australian backyard, Glow ensured that they had the ideal alignment of products and accessories based on size, materials and colours to talk to their key market segments based on the occasion and backyard size.

THINK also analysed any key opportunities based on gaps in Glow’s current range, identifying key emerging segments of high value.

This investigation allowed Glow to identify how their customers interact with their products and how they could develop emotional connections through their messaging.


In-depth Interviews, Journey Mapping, Market Segmentation, Market Sizing, Persona Creation, Product Innovation, Go-to-Market, Psychological Profiling


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