Closing the Loop: Go-To-Market Strategies (GTM) • THINK Global Research

Without proper planning, it’s impossible to know if your brand is chasing the wrong audience, launching a product at the wrong time or offering a service destined to waste your money and resources.

We’ve told you about journey mapping, segmentation and contextual inquiries to uncover the unique wants, needs, pains and behaviours of your customers across the journey. But here at THINK, that isn’t where we leave it. We go that extra step further to close the loop and offer your brand a customer led go-to-market (GTM) strategy. It’s all based on research taking the guess work out of priorities and expenditure.

What exactly is a Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy?

Simply defined, a GTM strategy is a tactical plan focused on how you are going to utilise your budget and resources to deliver a unique value proposition to your target customers. Each product or service delivered to the market is different, so each GTM strategy is exclusively thought out mapping a market problem and solution. Most importantly, it highlights the most critical problem to solve and ranks them in order to deliver impact back to the business.

How do we drive a successful GTM?

Having identified your key segments, we will use these insights to serve as the foundation for customer-centric marketing activation. We will build proactive, targeted marketing campaigns that ensures you are getting the maximal value out of your core personas. This includes everything from the communication channel, to tone and message used to drive your campaign.

Developing tactical tools to help operationalise and deliver on brand promise is something we are experts in here at THINK. Check out our Case Studies page to see work we’ve done with some top tier clients including Melbourne Airport, GAA Australia and BCNA.


Written by:

Lauren Irwin – Research Consultant