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As researchers at THINK, we are passionate about providing more than just letters, numbers and graphs on a page. By using a design-think approach and innovative methodologies, we aim to bring the data to life, tell a story, and bring clients closer to their customers.


Contextual Inquiries – Let’s get personal

Adopting the customer-centric method of contextual inquiries enables an in-depth understanding of the user’s wants, needs, gaps and pain points across the journey. These methods have become increasingly important in consumer-led industries such as healthcare as we are able to interact with customers in their normal, everyday environments and empathise with them on a personal level.


Why is this such a valuable research method?

This approach combines the power of interviewing with ethnographic research. We hear their thoughts and feelings, ask for evidence, observe their non-verbal signals and assess how home environments impact the ability to complete tasks. It’s about creating a collaborative partnership where users actively co-create solutions to their unmet needs.


Discussing complex and sensitive topics, whether it be in the aged care or disability market, is something we are experts in here at THINK. Listen to one of our THINKers, Sarah Goddard, explain the value of CIs in the aged care sector.

Written by:

Lauren Irwin – Research Consultant