Of Thrills and Grilles • THINK Global Research

Having lightbulb moments and great ideas gives you a rush. It makes you imagine great possibilities. And of course, you want it all immediately. So you drop everything else you had before and begin pursuing your latest, greatest idea – for that moment.

Bad move.

The enthusiasm you have for a new idea is not always an accurate indicator of its true worth. Rolling thunder often turns to rain. Nice to have is not always worth putting more important things behind.

Just like Ford Edsel in 1958, the world wasn’t ready for a new kind of futuristic, experimental car. Hence, it became the biggest flop and delivered a million punchline jokes – and $250 million worth of lost – equivalent to $2 billion in today’s dollars.

The priority there was to make a reliable car, and fanciness was the enthusiasm channelled.

So, don’t end up running on a treadmill going nowhere. By all means, get excited. But park it a few days. Then analyse their actual priority with a calm mind, with guided knowledge and insights. Want insights? We’re here to help!

Because there’s no point having thrills if you’re going to get grilled.


By: Izzy Johar, Analyst, TH?NK Global Research