Research never sleeps - especially not in lockdown • THINK Global Research

We know your customer better than you do and now, more than ever, how they are thinking and feeling is changing at a rapid rate.

Clients are constantly questioning ‘should we keep doing research during COVID-19?’ The simple answer is yes, as it might lead to an evolution in your services that once may not have been evident.

How we keep working in lockdown

Parts of our everyday work already involve virtual or online interaction. We employ several online proprietary tools and activities to ensure we bring a humanistic approach.

Everything we do at THINK can be done face-to-face or using propriety online tools.

From recruitment, via our one million plus panel, to launching an online survey, our quantitative research capabilities offer a large group of pre-qualified people ready to participate and answer your questions.

Our in-depth interviews, completed via an interactive online THINK tank platform, allows us to share multiple concepts, play videos and has a drawing board to co-create and share our screens.  We even send samples to the respondents’ homes to trial before their interview.

Did I mention we still do focus groups during COVID -19?

THINK continued to offer focus groups to our clients last year and even this year, conducted via our propriety online focus group platform. We invite 6-8 people to join and interact with stimulus, as our world class moderators easily direct the conversation flow, encouraging participants to build on ideas and co-create solutions, while our clients can login and see it unfold.

Our clients embrace the virtual work environment

Not all our clients work around the corner from us, so the growing literacy of videoconferencing has been a great way to have regular dialogue and updates.

Our clients have also been receptive to our pivot to online and virtual research methods. Why? Because we continue to deliver customer- led insights at a time when businesses need to understand how their customers are adapting – now more than ever before.

The result

The research goes on in what is a crucial time for our clients, when they need insights more than ever.

We have worked with a range of clients utilising online and virtual research methods, including Villaworld Homes, Melbourne Airport, AMES, SPC, AIA and more across Australia. Check out our case studies page to learn more about these projects.