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Fitness on the go: The fitness travel trend is growing rapidly, and airports have already started to tap into this group of travellers. Airports are gearing to delight travellers by optimising each minute they spend at the airport. 

Airports and Hotels update offerings to promote Health & Wellbeing

Travellers are looking for more and more opportunities to work out. Hotels are starting to accommodate by supplementing the basic gym with fitness classes, and providing on-demand workout videos.

Airports are helping travellers squeeze in some exercise during layovers: San Francisco International Airport has a yoga room, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport features walking paths in several concourses and few airports including Miami International, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas, Dubai, Singapore Changi and Vancouver International have a health club/ spa. It’s all about utilising the layover in the most optimal way.

Australia is getting on board

Australia is a famous fitness travel destination. Australia has been widely associated with adventure and sports. Travel companies are now augmenting their offers and customising fitness travel programs in Australia. Popular fitness travel destinations include Hamilton Island Qualia, Queensland, New South Wales and Great Barrier Reef. The health and wellness movement is spreading all around the world, and more and more Australians are starting to realise that the key to good health and longetivity lies in their own hand.

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Khushboo Pandey – Senior Research Consultant

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