We know your customers better than you do. Bold? Yes. We’ll prove it.  • THINK Global Research

We recently conducted a nation-wide survey uncovering the media behaviour of everyday Australians.

And what about the findings you ask?

They sparked a heated ongoing debate in the industry – questioning the effectiveness of how brands and their creative partners allocate their advertising dollars.

So, what insights were extracted?

You may not know your customers as well as you think you do.

If this concerns you, then fear not! On Tuesday the 17th of October,  AMI will be hosting a powerful lunchtime learning webinar featuring our fearless leader, Kristy Ihle.

The topic of conversation? Your customer, your strategy and how to marry the two.

The everyday Australian has spoken, and we have listened to what they have to say about how they engage with media. Will you listen in on conversation to?

To register and for more information, visit this link : http://hub.ami.org.au/event/W21017/