“There is nothing that the team at THINK can’t achieve within our fast-paced environment.

The team at THINK spend the time upfront to get involved in the detail to ensure that the research will deliver valuable results to guide the product development process.

They are creative in their approach but also provide the hard numbers to influence our buyers.

Working alongside the team for over 3 years, across projects such as TVC concepts, package testing, product design and innovation, shopper safaris, quantifying the shopper journey, segmentation of entire markets – right down to recreating Bunnings instore layout to simulate the shopper experience within focus groups.

The outcomes delivered back are always insightful, easy to interpret, making the integration of these outcomes back into our business quick and with impact”


Hills is an iconic Australian brand, established in the marketplace in 1945 and home to the Hoist, a backyard staple around Australia for over 70 years. They are the trusted name for innovative laundry solutions catering for singles, large families, houses, apartments and everything in between.


Hills commissioned THINK to complete a two-phase project on co-creating what customers need from their packaging, including the “information hierarchy” to the “look and feel” of the design. We also conducted heat mapping to track the eyeline of the customer and simulate the in-store experience. Phase 1 allowed Hills to quantify the content hierarchy of information that drives a purchase decision from their packaging, then narrow down a range of designs to the top two.

THINK’s mixed methodology approach ensured the focus group discussion was anchored to market trends that have been set by Phase 1, delivering discussion that was relevant.


Package Design Concept Testing, Heat Mapping, In-store Simulation, Focus Groups, Co-Creating the Ideal Package, Client Workshop, Agile Reporting, Brand Health Evaluation; Brand Future-Proofing.