Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials (MASC Trials) is an Australian and New Zealand collaborative trials group specialising in investigator-initiated melanoma and skin cancer research. Working with leading researchers and institutions locally and around the globe, MASC Trials develops, conducts, and publishes research and clinical trials that improve how we diagnose and treat melanoma and skin cancer.


MASC Trials brings together a powerful network of almost 2,000 professionals who represent the many disciplines critical to their work facilitating robust scientific review of new trial proposals and supervision of ongoing research of melanomas and skin cancers.


MASC Trials was seeking to understand the general awareness and access to services for melanoma and skin cancer treatment, exploring the disparity between regional/rural and metro Australians. From this, MASC Trials were seeking to understand how they could increase consumer engagement while delivering equal access to services and clinical trials for those in regional and rural Australia.

THINK’s 2 phased approach commenced by exploring the journey of regional/rural Australians who have been diagnosed or have supported someone diagnosed with skin cancer. Combined with our quantitative research and analysis of the target cohort, THINK identified barriers and pain points for those seeking advice and diagnoses across the cohort’s journey.

In response to the research results, THINK proposed an awareness campaign, targeting loved ones to influence each other to get checked for melanomas. THINK also identified the need to increase awareness of clinical trials and support services.


Journey Mapping, Persona Creation, In-Depth Interviews, Strategic Recommendations, Go-to Market.


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