Connecting Segments into your CRM • THINK Global Research

A segmentation study is a significant investment for any business, however in such a competitive market it’s now more important than ever to understand your customers so you can create products and services that drive a higher rate of engagement.

We recognise why brands and managers are hesitant to go ahead with this approach and we hear you:

“I have 8 segments now what?”

“How do I use the segmentation model day to day?”

“Will I be able to use this information for ongoing internal analysis in the future?”

The answer is YES!


How can you incorporate the uncovered segments into your business?

At THINK, we know the importance of actionability once we have defined your market segments. We work with our clients to then integrate the segments into their chosen CRM such as Salesforce for future allocations.


Make sure your segments are defined by the right questions.

The point of difference is based on identifying the “killer” metrics that your CRM needs to measure to classify any customer into a segment. These metrics are produced from the segmentation and define the most predictive set of questions you need to ask. THINK will provide a bridging meeting with you and hands-on segment implementation. We have the knowledge and the expertise to provide you an algorithm to apply within your CRM or any applications where you need to target a specific customer segment.


We have worked with a range of industries across Australia including Melbourne Airport, Bolton Clarke, the David Jones Group and CBUS. If you would like to know more about our expertise with segmentation, go to our Case Studies Page to learn more about our projects.


Written by:

Tatiana Davila – Research Associate