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We live in an age where phones are attached to our hip and the world is at our fingertips: It’s the ever-evolving, lifechanging #digitaltakeover.

Launched earlier this year, The My Journey Online Tool was the first of its kind in the Australian eHealth breast cancer space. The tool is specifically tailored to an individual’s breast cancer diagnosis, providing credible and trustworthy information anywhere, anytime.

In order to increase the likelihood of engagement and repeat usage, THINK worked with BCNA to test the user experience with the tool prior to launch, also known as UX testing.

 So, what exactly is UX testing?

UX testing put simply is testing how usable something is. It’s the process of testing different aspects of a user experience to gain insights and empathise with core users of a digital product. Users are asked to complete a task and give their thoughts, feelings, and impressions as they go!

Design match real-world usage of your tool

With UX testing, we go right to the source and the feedback is direct. Any issues or potential problems are highlighted, and real users are able to co-create solutions about what they want instead – now that’s what we call putting your users at your core.

Working with BCNA and The My Journey Online Tool

We conducted three focus groups with unique users including young women, those who were recently diagnosed, and rural/ remote women with breast cancer. We had them navigate the website and heard their feedback from initial click, to signing up, to exiting the page.

What did we uncover?

  • It’s a dynamic tool: Being able to read different information based on changing needs and customising to an individual’s diagnosis made it feel comfortable.
  • The element of connection and being able to hear from others going through a similar experience was extremely important so they didn’t feel alone in their journey.
  • A capture and keep component where users could use this like a digital diary, symptom tracker and calendar for appointments.

The bottom line: It’s an excellent tool that women with breast cancer can use to embrace their new normal and it doesn’t get more powerful than that! To learn more about our work with BCNA, check out our Case Studies page.


Written by:

Lauren Irwin – Research Consultant