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A business that truly understands their customer does not need to sell their product or service – it naturally fits them so well it sells itself.

Why then, do so many companies get it wrong?

Stripping things back to basics – what is the most effective and easiest way to genuinely know your customer? Go straight to the source and ask them! How do we gain a complete understanding of the end-to-end customer journey? Enter: Customer Journey Mapping!


So, what exactly is Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)?

To put it simply, CJM is a visualisation of the process a person goes through. When mapping the journey, the final purchase or engagement is not considered ‘the end result’ – it’s about looking beyond this and assessing the actions and drivers well before and after the event.

Our approach involves the integration of quantitative and qualitative data which we use to contextualise the customer journey. This allows us to identify the pains and gains, attitudes, behaviours, and perceptions at each touchpoint and provide brands with a holistic overview.


Why is it important?

By focussing on the key pain points in the customer experience, we are able to co-create solutions with the customer and identify where the brand can intervene and alleviate. This ultimately creates a better experience for the customer, resulting in increased brand appeal, customer loyalty and long-term relationships.

Our tagline isn’t “We know your customers better than you do and we can prove it” for no reason. Mapping the end-to-end journey using creative techniques, brings the analytics to life to tell you the real truths about your brand’s performance at every stage.


Here at THINK we are experts in CJM, having partnered with several iconic brands including Melbourne Airport, Cabrini, Breast Cancer Network Australia and Medibank to bring their customer experiences to life.

Check out our Case Studies page to learn more about these projects.


Written by:

Lauren Irwin – Research Consultant